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Best Things To Do In Hulhumale.

Maldives is an ideal destination to go for a relaxing beach vacation, and once you’re on the island, there’s no better place than Hulhumale, an artificial island that makes sure there is never a dull moment. From snorkeling to swimming with dolphins, the wide range of things to do in Hulhumale will not let you sit idle at all. Be it a couple, an adventure seeker, or a family with kids, Hulhumale has something to offer to every kind of traveler. To add, the world-class cafes that serve some of the most drool-worthy coffee and food is simply a cherry on top. Do not forget to carry your cameras along as you would definitely want to capture the stunning marvels this island nation blankets!

Water Sports

Are you wondering what to do in Hulhumale- First is definitely to hit the beaches, where you can relax and munch on some lip-smacking snacks and sip your favourite cocktails. Apart from all the relaxation and the calmness of the waves, you can also engage in the many Hulhumale water sports that are available at the beaches. Choose from activities like jet-skiing, parasailing, boating, snorkeling, and much more. Water sports are definitely one of the best things to do in Hulhumale.

The Sea House: Indulge In The Local Delicacies

If you are foodie then one of the best things to do in Hulhumale would be to visit The Sea House along with trying local dishes at various restaurants and cafes. Known to serve delectable local and international cuisines, it is one of the popular restaurants in Maldives. Be it food, ambience, service or price, they stand out to be best when compared with other restaurants. You must try their freshly made fruit juices, pad thai, and all sorts of sea foods. This experience is surely one of the top things to do in Hulhumale, Maldives!

Hulhumale Central Park: Get Closer To Nature

Thinking of what to do in Hulhumale in Maldives that can make you feel relaxed- Take a stroll through the famous Hulhumale Central Park which is a car free zone. You will find lawns around a pond while strolling. In the morning or evening, you can also go for a workout in the open-air gym, play football or go skateboarding.

Family Room: Enjoy The Best Cup Of Coffee

If coffee is what keeps you and your day going, do add the Family Room cafe in your must-visit list of Maldives. Sitting on the seafront, this cafe is where one can visit when seeking to witness the youth culture in Maldives. This cafe is a bit different from all the other ones located in Hulhumale and hence, often a respite for those wanting to experience change. This is where one can also indulge in some delicious smoothies, cakes, and other small bites.

Dolphin Watching: Spectate The Cutest Water Animal

If you are an animal lover, then witnessing Dolphins is the answer to all the what to do in Hulhumale for sure. When tickets are booked during the time tour operators aren’t busy, you might even get a chance to enjoy a private tour of Dolphin watching. The tour takes place on a local speed boat that is taken to the dolphin watching area which is approximately 2-3 miles off the coast. When engaging in this activity, one gets to witness the dolphins jumping, swimming, and playing round the boat.

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