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So I told you all about my pineapple obsession, yes? Well let’s extend that obsession to strawberries and say I warned ya! Today marks the first of a few summery, fruity DIYs I have coming at ya… and what better a way to kick it off then with itty bitty party hats!! I have been eying these paper cone cups from my fave packaging supply company, Garnish, for over a year now because to me, of course, they just screamed “MINI PARTY HATS!” Alas, the stars aligned when Garnish wanted to team up for a post and I got my wish.. itty bitty fruit-inspired party hats!

I like to call these “picnic ready” party hats. They are so perfect for cute little picnics in the park (Yes, you should always wear party hats for picnics), and for fruit-themed birthdays. (Remember all these ideas!?) Bella totally agrees.

Outside of being totally adorable, the cones are budget friendly and since they are already hat-shaped, it eliminates one pesky step in the party hat making process! Oh you know how I love a win-win. Plus, you can use any leftovers as an excuse to make snow cones.


Need Material

Craft Paint in Red, Yellow and Black
Green Crepe Paper (I used doublette crepe paper I had leftover from these roses, but regular crepe paper works just fine too!)
Elastic or Ribbon
Awl (Optional)


First things first, snip the top of your paper cone off, creating an opening for the leaves. Then paint your cones the color of your choice and let dry. Be sure to paint the rim of the cone, too!

To make the strawberry, use a tiny paint brush and black paint and paint upside down raindrop shops randomly all over the cone. For the pineapple, use the tiny brush and black paint to paint a few dots on the cone. Then over each dot make a rough triangle shape to mimic the texture of the fruit. Work you way around the cone and up as you go. The triangle shapes should get smaller as you move upward.

While these dry, make your leaves! For the strawberry’s leaves, you’ll need a piece of green crepe paper that’s about 8.5″ by 4″. For the pineapple leaves, start with a piece of crepe that is about 8.5″ by 5″.

Fold up your crepe paper so you have a 1/2″ wide section. Cut one end into a point to form the leaf shape, starting about 3/4 of the way down the paper.

Unfold and then roll up your section as tightly as possible. Secure the bottom with a small piece of tape. Carefully pull each leaf out from the center.

For the strawberry leaves, you’ll want to pull the outer leaves out as far as you can so they are almost “horizontal.” For the pineapple leaves, just pull each leaf out slightly so they are more upright. Slide the base of the leaves into the top of the hat. Depending on how snug they fit, you can opt to add a piece of tape inside the hat to secure them, or they may just stay put on their own!

To finish your hats, you’ll need to add elastic or ribbon for wearing them! Either tape a piece of ribbon onto each side of the hat or poke a hole in each side with an awl, slip a piece of elastic or ribbon through and secure with a knot.

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