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DIY Neck Pillow Pattern.

Anyone who travels knows that a long flight or car trip feels a lot better when you have a specially-shaped pillow to support your head. It’s easy to sew your own with our free neck pillow pattern.

This mini cushion fits easily behind your head, but you can also adjust it to one side or the other. Plus it has a strap with snaps so you can attach it to your carry-on luggage!

Start to finish, this pillow takes less than an hour, so it’s even suitable as a last-minute sewing project before your trip. In addition to being a fast project, it’s also easy enough that kids can make their own pillow!

Travel Neck Pillow Materials & Pattern


1/4 yard of quilting cotton (a fat quarter also works)
1/4 yard of anti-pill fleece
1/8 yard of fusible interfacing


Snap fastener (and tools for installing)
Sewing machine
Hand sewing needle
Rotary cutter an cutting mat (optional)

Prepare and Cut the Pieces

Use the printed pattern to cut one quilting cotton piece and one fleece piece.

Fleece stretches more in one direction than the other. It’s best to match the stretch with the arrow as indicated on the pattern.

Cut two 2-1/2 x 4-3/4 pieces of quilting cotton and two of fusible interfacing. Press the interfacing onto the back of the fabric.

Tip: A rotary cutter makes it easy to accurately cut the rectangles for the straps, but you can also mark them with a pencil and cut them with scissors.

Make the Straps

Press the two strap pieces in half the long way with right sides facing.

For each strap, sew one long edge and one end. Trim the corner to reduce bulk.

Turn the strap right side out, poke the corners into shape, and press with an iron.

Assemble the Pillow

Pin the two strap pieces to the outer curve of the quilting cotton pillow piece. Match the raw edges as shown.

Pin the two pillow pieces with right sides together. Starting on the inner curve of the pillow, sew around the shapes, backstitching at the beginning and end. Use a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Stuff the Neck Pillow

Turn the pillow right side out. Fill the shape with stuffing until it is firm.

Tip: Use small pieces of stuffing to avoid lumpiness.

Sew the Opening Closed

Use ladder stitch to hand sew the opening closed. To do this, take a small stitch on one side, then a small stitch directly across on the other side, and so on. Pull the stitching tight as you go.

Secure the end with a concealed knot.

Add a Fastener to the Straps

nstall a snap fastener to the ends of the two strap pieces. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

If you’d rather, you can sew hook and loop fastener tape instead of using a snap.

Get Ready for a Restful Adventure!

If you need to, you can squish and adjust the stuffing a little now that it’s all sewn.

The only thing left to do is book your next trip!

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