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Indonesia Travel Tips You Must Follow To Make Your Trip Memorable.

Indonesia is a vast country located off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia with more than 17,000 islands extending into the Indian and Pacific oceans. With its large tropical forests, numerous pristine beaches, and the incredible hiking trails blanketed with nature, one should definitely plan a trip to this region once in their life. It is home to hundreds of distinct linguistic and ethnic groups, incredible landscapes, and a huge range of flora and fauna. Since there is so much to see, we’ve put down for you Indonesia travel tips which can prove very helpful in exploring this region.

Travel Tips For Indonesia

For planning a holiday in Indonesia, travel tips and information about the place from experienced travelers can prove to be very useful. This article highlights a few of these to help make your journey memorable.

Packing tips for the trip

Other than clothes and accessories, other travel essentials which must be packed are bug spray to avoid any insect bites while exploring nature, aloe vera gel for skin soothing treatment after being exposed to sun and a sunscreen to protect skin from the harsh rays of the sun. A universal charger should be taken along for avoiding any inconvenience. Mostly ATR aircrafts are used for internal transfers, therefore it is important to keep the baggage restrictions in mind as only 10 kg check-in baggage is allowed on these aircrafts.

Exploring beyond Bali

All travelers planning a trip to Indonesia will most of the times only visit Bali. While Bali is a magnificent place to visit, one should always explore the other beautiful islands of Indonesia as well. Heritage and culture buffs can plan a visit to Yogyakarta along with Bali. For nature and wildlife buffs, Komodo island is a great option. There are the unexplored gems Sulawesi and Gili Trawangan islands which have the best of both worlds.

Must try dishes

Indonesia has several street shops and also high-end restaurants offering a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies from different cuisines. The highly recommended dishes include Gado Gado, Nasi Goreng, and Misi Goreng. A local non-alcoholic drink called Sirsak fruit juice offers a very unique taste. Their Seaweed dish called Chapchay is also quite enjoyed by all visitors.

Local transport options

On islands like Bali, the distances between different tourist destinations are huge. Therefore, one may need to book a cab to travel from one place to other. A popular cab service company of this region, “Bluebird cabs”, provides a cab within ten minutes of booking. They take cash payments by the meter. Another feasible option is, renting a two-wheeler. This is the best option for slightly smaller places of Indonesia like Labuan Bajo and Ende where the distances are not too much. These kinds of towns are best explored by foot or by two-wheelers.

Shopping in Indonesia

Bali market streets are covered in lively spirits and colours and offer many locally crafted creations like Ganesha idols, colourful dream catchers and dragons. Vendors and shopkeepers here generally double the price and quote so it is always better to bargain before purchasing anything. The shops at cultural centres can also be visited for good quality products at reasonable prices.

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