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Stunning DIY Fireplace Ideas To Make Now.

Have you imagined sitting next to a cozy fireplace in your home, reading a good book, snuggled up with a blanket and hot cocoa only to find out that you have no fireplace…and putting a real one in would just about break your bank account? Yes, I have had that vision many times in my life and that is why when we build our house I was adamant that we have a fireplace built. Then I realized I wanted one in my bedroom….and it was too late…Well, why not put in a faux fireplace? Believe it or not, they are actually quite easy and often very inexpensive. What if I told you I had stunning DIY fireplace ideas you will want in your home today!

ou will not believe the amount of possibilities that there are when you decide to create a fireplace in your home. Keep on reading to see some of the most swoon worthy DIY faux fireplace ideas I have ever seen. You will question whether or not they are real! And you will want to snuggle up to every one of them.

I have 2 real wood burning fireplaces in my home…and its no secret, real fireplaces are where its at! Nothing can compare to the real crackle of the wood burning and the indescribable feeling you get when you are snuggled up next to one reading a good book or cuddling that special person. Its like…the best feeling ever. I am one who hates the feeling of a furnace on and forced are blowing through the vents, I am a big fan of radiant heat and that is what you get with a real fireplace

I had wanted a real fireplace in my bedroom for along time. It is the coldest room in the house and the other fireplaces just don’t heat it well. Being one that dislikes using our furnace for a multitude of reasons(it makes me feel claustrophobic, I like radiant heat better, its expensive, I just don’t like it), I knew I needed to find another way to create a fireplace in my bedroom.

That is when I thought about creating a fireplace. I know you may be thinking of those store bought mantel/fireplace with the flame and all that jazz. No. if that is your jam then that is great! But, that is not what I wanted. I wanted something unique and cozy, with a touch or rustic farmhouse flare.

This cheap faux fireplace complete with a chippy white mantel, a brick insert, and board and batten allows it to shine and really give the space a cozy feel.

Now, how about this faux fireplace insert ideas from DIY Decor Mom for a more vintage look. The moldings are a bit more traditional and the dark marble is the perfect accent. This space instantly feels more inviting.

This fireplace is complete with shiplap, and tons of storage! This is a genius idea! Love every little bit of it and kind of wish I would have added storage in mine! This fireplace is anything but! You could customize this style of fireplace and way you want and create just the right piece for your home. The brick insert is lovely but would work with other finishes as well. And imagine dressing it up each season with something special.

Another beautiful example of a DIY fireplace surround being jazzed up in all its glory for the holidays. I love this fireplace from Shabbyfufu blog and it is very similar to another one in this post. But the birch logs in the insert and all the lush colorful foliage on the mantel really bring the whole thing to life.

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