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Toronto Travel Tips To Help Plan Your Trip To This Stunning Canadian City.

Being an important site of business, arts, culture and finance, the city of Toronto is a diverse panorama of multicultural ethnic groups and has a true cosmopolitan nature. Offering glimpses of its past and stunning vistas of bountiful nature, the city has a high-paced lifestyle and impressive festival culture. Every year millions of tourists visit the attractions and landmarks in Toronto that comprise of museums, ethnic markets, exhibition places, neighbourhoods, Fort York and a lot more. The annual fair & festivals, winter sports, adventure sports and activities; nature walks and outdoor activities – Toronto exceeds your expectations when it comes to vacation experiences. Before planning a trip to this Canadian city, here are some Toronto travel tips to save you time and effort and make sure you have an amazing holiday experience.

Toronto Travel Tips For An Amazing Vacation

We have compiled a perfect and all-inclusive Toronto travel guide for all the travellers which will surely help you enjoy a fantastic holiday!

Best Time To Explore Toronto

Toronto experiences amazing weather between May and November. The summer season is when the tourist rush is at its peak and the music festivals are also going on full throttle. The warm weather allows the tourists to enjoy all kinds of outdoor events and activities and is generally the best time to explore the city. For the snow-lovers, December onwards, the entire city becomes a winter wonderland with chilly weather and Christmas spirit being ambient. So, plan your trip as per your tourist interest and book the hotels and any special permits well in advance.

Best Neighbourhoods To Explore, Stay & Visit

Downtown is home to the main entertainment areas, event venues, Union Station (main rail hub) and is also the major financial district of Toronto. Uptown is located in the North with all the famous cultural attractions and the University of Toronto. Front, Queen, Dundas and King are the places where the most appealing neighbourhoods are located. If you wish to have a peek at the college street thoroughfare this is the best place.

Festivals In Toronto

Toronto International Film Festival – celebrated in September every year and is one of the premiere festivals in the world.
Caribana – A vibrant celebration of the Caribbean culture, organized every summer with lots of Caribbean food items and shows to enjoy and indulge in.
Toronto Santa Claus Parade – One of the largest parades in the world which is also the longest running children’s parade in the world.
Toronto Gay Pride Parade – Toronto celebrates its Queer Communities for an entire week and this festival is celebrated on any one day of this week.
Please note that Toronto is open to same-sex people and relationships and the tourists should be prepared for that. Causing unnecessary ruckus or improper remarks will not only earn you frowns but can also land you in legal trouble.

Local Shopping

All of us love to indulge in shopping on our trips to bring home some souvenirs that remind us of our wonderful time in a new place. Toronto has plenty of famous shopping areas that offer a plethora of things to buy.

Queen Street is the best place to shop vintage clothing and other items.
Toronto has many cheap markets as well. However, don’t ignore the sales tax which is a whopping 15%.
Eaton Centre and Hudson’s Bay Company are the most famous shopping stores that offer almost everything at affordable rates.
Yorkville is home to the best and modern goods and is famous among the young population.

Where To Grab A Bite In Toronto?

When it comes to travel tips for visiting Toronto, eating options are one of the most important points. Toronto offers a wide range of eating options in terms of cuisine, prices and availability. The city has 15% sales tax which is valid on the restaurants as well. Apart from that, you have to pay the tips as well. It is a norm to ‘pay the tip equal to tax’ at the very least. So, choose the restaurant dining only if your budget allows.

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